Sunday, January 3, 2010

SO close to being in a car with two of my best friends driving to Santa Barbara, California, the place I'll call home in just a matter of weeks.


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  1. Just came accross your blog yesterday durring a photo search. Ended up spending way more time than I should have at work reading through it. Reading about your past year with the changes reminded me a lot of what it was like to be 18, orphaned and feeling utterly alone in the world at times, but able to really enjoy new experiences. The pain of a loss of a parent doesn't go away with time, but does change. Even though its been a very long time since my father's death, I still think about him everyday and hope that he would be proud of who I am now. The only real regret I have is not knowing him as an adult. I always wondered if he was the kind of guy I would want to have a beer with. Looking forward to more posts of your adventures.