Saturday, December 20, 2008

Even though there is no god I still love buying/making presents for the loves of my life. Even though my bank account went from HeRo t0 ZeRo. FTW. Also I spent the last fifteen minutes in my car punching the shit out of the ceiling because I blew some god damn fuse and the interior lights won't turn off. Winter wonderlands can fucking suck it. Meeeeeeow.

As of January 5th, I am no longer on academic probation. Shorty got good grades dis tyme. Dass wussup.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Internet slobs.

Click the comic to view the entire thing.

I'm tired of drooling, lethargic loser boys with throat tattoos and fitted hats approaching me at work, with "Like, where do you get your ink done...? Shit's tight."

I DOUBT IT. Then, they find me on myspace and add me. WHO DOES THAT. Gross. I should just start posting pictures of these clowns with their really perfect quotes.

FTW. Tymm, stop being in my favorite place to eat in Chicago and hit the icy roads already. Six hours until you're in our bed again.

I think I broke my toe kicking a can at work. Imagine that. Oh, fuck my life.

Dass wussup.

Mark my wurdz. Tonight I made the switch from my 2003 livejournal account (songforamixtape) to blogspot. The sole reason being that all my favorite bands now use this site and it never registered until now in my head that I should just use this, too. Epiphanies rewl. I wish Tymm would stop touring and just marry me and stuff me full of kids so I can shop 'til I cook. God bless 'merica.

I want to start a new ritual where I add a picture in every single entry. So there's the first one. It's from while I was in Austin, Texas last week. This is the tattoo I got with my tiny friend Erica (that's her neck, I don't have a picture of mine yet) that Tymm drew....Thanks Wu-Tang. C.ats R.ule E.verything A.round M.e!