Monday, May 4, 2009

My stupid life.

So, I spent all day in bed yesterday because I'm sick. Around 9:30 pm last night, I'm sweating, naked, half asleep in bed with my glasses off. I hear some insane howling right outside my house and before I can even sit up, there is THIS ANIMAL (in the picture) who I think is a fucking WOLF in my house, on my BED, jumping all over my naked bod.


I can't see shit and I think I am wrestling a wolf or some other animal that's about to wreck my life, and then it lays down on my bed belly up and BARKS. It's a fucking friendly cutie baby husky, all white and silverz, and it's someone's dog who has actually came into our house another time last summer. So, after having a serious heart attack, the dog jumps off my bed and out of the house, and I am just sitting there in complete shock and all I hear is laughter from my mom or Dave or whoever was in the house.

Lesson of the day is shut the fucking screen door, Dave.

I seriously WOULD be the idiot who dies in her own bed by getting mauled by some crazy ass woodland creature. Fuck!

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