Friday, April 10, 2009

Today Tymm, Ryan, Aaron and I went to the Detroit Zoo. It's in walking distance from our house but since I'm in my moon boot we had to drive there and they took turns crashing me into fences/walls in a wheelchair. The underground polar bear and seals exhibit blew my mind. Completely surrounded by water, polar bears can stand on your head and seals can just hang out next to you. I also fell in love with artic foxes and pudu and warthogs, as always. The lions roared at eachother back and forth until they fell asleep. It was wild. Also extremely cold and we were all underdressed. I am still numb. Nap time. Good day. Thanks for pushing me dudes. And thanks for always carrying me around, my Tim!

ps. We really wanted to steal a prairie dog but we had no way to hide it because I forgot my purse. Also Aaron almost got killed by a peacock and a duck. Goodnight.

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  1. We will go when it gets warm, okay?!

    "The lions roared at eachother back and forth..."
    They did the last time Rina I went together! Ugh so perfect.
    Weeeeeee should also go to Greenfield Village. Okay.