Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sarah cut and dyed my wig...

I'm sure nobody cares but I have to document this because it's freaking me out! Still have to lighten it a lot more but I'm waiting a few days so my hair doesn't fall out like Stinky's tail hair (meow). I love it. Sarah is getting really good at doing hair. I can't believe she can do all this to my brain for rules. Each of my closest friends have the best jobs. I'm so proud of them. Especially Tymm!!! Fireworks got added to the fucking NEW FOUND GLORY tour...this is unbelievable. Even crazier is that they're playing a sold out show down the street from our house on April 26th, life is seriously a shock. This is huge for them. They are really taking off and it is so intense and awesome and they really deserve it.

Also I went to work at Sarah's ice cream shop last night and I feel like I AM BACK. My heart isn't so sore finally. That place calms me like nothing else can. Her grandparents have owned it for three or four decades and they used to have an antique shop there and then decided to make it an ice cream shop 25 ish years ago. I can't even describe how perfect it is. When you step in you feel like you are right in the middle of 1945.

ANYWAY, I feel so good and I love this life. PERFECT.


  1. You gonz hafta change your ginger flash on the top of your blog, missy!

  2. that ginger mop top is about to be gone.
    who will be my twin now? thanks.