Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chicago heals me.

Time to focus on ourselves. I think at some point we forgot we were separate people and we actually do have two different hearts and lifes to live. This isn't goodbye, this is just see you later. Life is what happens while we're making plans.

I'm going to slow down. I will take JTB's advice and live by the hour. I will stop for every flower. My emotions shouldn't rule me the way they do. They overcome my logic, my senses, and they consume me.

Spending the last couple days in Chicago with good friends really brought me back to my senses. It's time to live for myself (and I hope you do the same). There are things I would like to do that you don't believe in. It's very likely that I won't be in Michigan after the next couple months pass. Our lease will be up on this apartment, I'll hopefully be able to transfer to a different Whole Foods, I'm not able to go back to school so I'll have a very open schedule; everything just seems to point to GO LIVE YOUR LIFE. Even just for a couple months. I feel like it's something I shoud do while I've finally got the time.

I guess we'll see where we are when the time gets here. For now I'm slowing down. These emotions will pass and my head will still be on straight.

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