Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dass wussup.

Mark my wurdz. Tonight I made the switch from my 2003 livejournal account (songforamixtape) to blogspot. The sole reason being that all my favorite bands now use this site and it never registered until now in my head that I should just use this, too. Epiphanies rewl. I wish Tymm would stop touring and just marry me and stuff me full of kids so I can shop 'til I cook. God bless 'merica.

I want to start a new ritual where I add a picture in every single entry. So there's the first one. It's from while I was in Austin, Texas last week. This is the tattoo I got with my tiny friend Erica (that's her neck, I don't have a picture of mine yet) that Tymm drew....Thanks Wu-Tang. C.ats R.ule E.verything A.round M.e!

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